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It is not just during the Winter months that illness can strike, bugs and viruses can affect people at any time, most likely being passed from person to person without even knowing they are coming down with something.

As the weather gets warmer, bacteria thrive, which can leave your employees open to risk from infection from bugs and viruses. Entire departments at work can be off work at any one time and the impact those absences have, on your business could be felt for months.

We have put together a few tips to help prevent these nasty bugs in the workplace

  • Fit hand washing stations throughout the building – extra ones that are not in bathrooms or kitchens will also serve as a reminder. A good place would be to fit them outside the office door and asking employees to use them before they enter the room first thing in the morning, so those that come in to contact with dangerous bacteria whilst travelling on public transport, can leave it outside.
  • Offer sanitising wipes for desks and equipment to tackle those less obvious and invisible germs
  • Encourage staff to eat in shared staff rooms and common areas rather than at desks where there are up to 21,000 germs per square inch on a desk. (Only 50 per square inch are found on a toilet seat)
  • If a member of staff does become sick, send them home straight away and make sure there area is cleaned to prevent any lingering germs from spreading throughout the office.

Tile & Stone Medic offer a full clean, repair and sealing service for your hard floors and tiled floors, which will help prevent the build-up of bacteria. With more people enjoying being outside on their lunch breaks, the chances of bringing in foreign allergens, pollens and bugs increases.

You can trust Tile & Stone Medic’s dedicated team to ensure your employees have a safe environment to work in. A healthy workforce is much more productive than one with a few team members missing and the others being stretched too thinly.

Whether you need a regular contract floor cleaning service or a one-off clean, the technicians at Tile & Stand Medic understand the importance of getting the job done well so that your workforce can concentrate on the important business tasks at hand. Call now on 0845 4681256 to see how your business can benefit.