Spring Clean Floor Maintenance plans from Tile & Stone Medic

Over the winter months your hard flooring need a little extra care and attention from the inevitable rain, wet shoes, slush, grit and mud all gets brought into your home, and if that was not enough to contend with, your central heating battling the outside cold will start to affect the structure of the floor.

It is vital to take precautionary measures this winter and prevent damage and a big repair bill before it occurs. From hardwood flooring to marble, many types of hard flooring can be expensive, so it’s important that it’s properly looked after. At Tile & Stone Medic, we offer hard floor maintenance plans to help you to protect this investment.

We are highly skilled in the cleaning and maintenance of multiple types of hard flooring, including: Victorian tiles, Marble, Slate. Quarry tiles, Natural stone, Porcelain, Travertine, Ceramic, Minton, Karndean, Flagstone,Terracotta, Indian Stone, Limestone, York Stone, Altro and many more!

Making sure your hard floors are well maintained can save you a lot of time, money and trouble in the long-run. Dusting will help to avoid scratches on a day-to-day basis. You should also be careful that any spillages are dealt with when they occur, as they can often penetrate deep into the floor and lead to staining. Mopping your hard floors on at least a week-to-week basis is a must to get rid of surface dust, dirt and pet hair. Treating the water you use with a dusting agent can help with this process.

In order to protect your hard floors in the long term however, polishing and sealing will be required. As well as providing a deep clean, which cannot be achieved with your average household products, Tile & Stone Medic have all the knowledge and experience required to make sure this process is carried out correctly. Using the wrong products on your floor can do more damage than good, so make sure you get professional advice!

Don’t let your hard floors ruin your Spring, call Tile & Stone Medic today to get a free, no obligation quote or set up a hard floor maintenance plan for the colder seasons with us today for that extra little peace of mind.