Using floor cleaning solutions from the highstreet – a word of warning

In the current economic climate we understand how important it is to make your money go that little bit further each month. With the cost of living creeping up, and wage increases seemingly stuck on pause, homes should be your sanctuary away from stress, not another headache.

It can be frustrating to want to make much needed improvements to your home but not know where to start or what to prioritise first. As one of the biggest purchases you will make for your home, your floor is a great place to start. Hard flooring may seem like the more durable option compared to carpets that can go threadbare, but without necessary maintenance you will be pouring your money down the drain. Children, pets, bad weather, food, spills, dust, dirt and grime can all contribute to the deterioration of your floors. Tile & Stone Medic can help you restore your floors, transform your home and prolong the life of your investment.

Our most popular service is that of cleaning, restoring, and, where necessary and appropriate, the sealing of all tile and natural stone floor types. It is vitally important to know what type of tile or stone floor you have, which is why we run a full analysis in order to determine the method, products and treatment needed to get you the best results possible. We then leave our solution on the floor for a short period and once the relevant solutions are applied to the floor, they are worked into the surface using rotary cleaners. The next step is to use our powerful fresh water extractor systems to ensure that all old sealers, dirt and other contaminants are removed from the tile or stone surface.

Our specialists will repeat this step to ensure that the floor is completely neutralised and free of any soiling. When the floor is dry, the appropriate sealers are applied. The sealers range from impregnating sealers which will not affect the look of the tile or stone, to matt, satin or high solid gloss finishes. We can also advise on the most appropriate sealer to use for maximum effect on your tile or stone floor.

We are proud to say that 80% of our work is from repeat customers who reap the benefits of our services time and time again. If you have multiple hard floor surfaces that you would like treating, we can design a program for you to ensure the investments in your home are well looked after and will last for years to come for you and your family to enjoy. Give us a call today for a free no obligation quote.