Ceramic tiled Bathroom, shower clean and grout re-coloured in Liverpool.

We had a call from a lady who wasn’t sure what could be done with her bathroom, the grout had gone grey and discoloured and the silicone black with mold​ and she had tried to clean it herself without much success.

So we started by removing any fittings, soap holders etc from the tiles and gave all tiles and the grout a good clean and rinsed off. Stripped out the old silicone from around the bath, dried the area with a hot air gun, filled the bath with water to allow for flex/movement and applied a new bead of white silicone around the bath.

As the grout was discoloured to a point it couldn’t be restored we advised the customer to have the grout lines re-coloured with professional brilliant white grout colourant, this is quite a time consuming job but as you can see from the results…well worth it and a like new bathroom was the result!