Limestone Wet Room/Bathroom/Shower Room Cleaning & Sealing Cirencester, Cotswold, Gloucestershire. Mr Tabener 8th January 2014.

‘We had a fire in the house and although most things were replaced, we wanted to try and restore our wet rooms from smoke damage as it is a rare limestone. Tile & Stone Medic restored both wet rooms to almost new and replaced the grout to, as this could not be restored! Thank you’.

Tile & Stone Medics Overview

The wet rooms were designed in jura limestone. It is one of the hardest limestone’s and thus very durable and hardwearing. This popular limestone has imprints of aquatic life and shells. This durability certainly attributed to the success of our work, although restoring the wet rooms was still very hard and long work. Care must be taken to use the correct methods and solutions, as anything to acidic would damage the surface of the stone.