Limestone cleaning

Marble makes for a stunning material when used in flooring. It is such a long lasting and hardwearing natural stone that can polished to a high sheen. It looks fabulous, but still needs some attention from time to time.

As you can see, as soon as we started cleaning the floor, all kinds of dirt started to come off. Many people aren’t aware of how dirty their floor has gotten because it builds up slowly over time. However, it’s very important to maintain your floor, as once the sealant has completely worn away, the floor become vulnerable to permanent damage. In kitchens, such as this on, even the acid in food is strong enough to cause serious damage to the very calcium based structure of marble. Fortunately, we find we can deal many kinds of small stains and scratches, getting rid of serious buildups of dirt and grime on the tiles and in the grout. For floors such as this one, we can restore the beautiful stone to a fantastic level, helping you realise the potential of your marble.

For this home, we were able to bring back the shine to the kitchen floor. Which makes a huge difference to the light levels and overall feel of a room where there are great windows such as this. Not only is the look of the floor back to it’s full potential, the sealant we used will help protect it from the inevitable combination of foot traffic and drips and spills. This will help extend the life of the floor and maintain that gorgeous look as long as possible.

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