These customers had a serious problem cleaning their porcelain tile floor in Birmingham with mineral salts and chemicals used in the pool on the tiles from the swimming pool. The porcelain tiles had never been sealed and also, they had never been given advice on how to clean and maintain the tiles.

The tiles were deep cleaned by mopping on a water diluted solution of phosphoric acid. Phosphoric is a lot safer that hydrochloric acid as it does not damage chrome and stainless steel, but more importantly does not have the same health issues. The area was then agitated with a rotary machine and a red pad, then rinsed and neutralised using freshwater extraction. This process was carried out in one metre sections across the whole area. The floor was left to dry over night.

The following day the floor was inspected and then once happy sealed with ‘Miracle impregnator seal’

Advice was given to the customers on how to maintain the porcelain floor without contaminating the pool.