Quarry tile floor cleaning and removing old sealers and then resealing. Mrs Waterhouse, Droitwich, Worcestershire 27th March 2013.

‘The quarry tile floor is over 200 years old and the sealers were really scratched. Tile & Stone Medic stripped off the old sealers, cleaned the floor and then resealed it with a satin finish sealer.I think the photo’s speak for themselves, it looks fantastic!’

Tile & Stone Medics Overview

This Quarry tile floor was a real challenge, it was over 200 years old and the foundations of the cottage was soil. At this point, we know that as you apply water and a lot would have to be applied to wash out the strippers that we apply to remove the old sealers, there is always a chance of efflorescence, which is the minerals salts lifting from the soil through the quarry tile. For this reason the floor was stripped and cleaned and left over night to dry. Fortunately, the floor was fine the following day so no extra work was required apart from sealing and polishing the floor.