Shower Room Cleaning, Silicone and sealing. Mrs Woodridge, Broughton Green, Droitwich, Worcestershire.

Tile & Stone Medics Summary

As can be seen by the first photograph the tiles and especially the grout were in a really bad state. The customer had initially tried to paint the grout, but it looked really bad. Tile & Stone Medic were called in to remove all the grout paint and then to restore the tiles and grout to the original look. The tiles and grout were firstly cleaned down with Tile & Stone Medics ‘Heavy Duty Cleaner’ and then rinsed. Once all surface dirt and contaminates were removed the grout was treated with our specially formulated solution that kills mould and slowly takes out any deep inset discolouration. This was left for 2 hours to work and then rinsed. Once the shower area was died the grout lines were then sealed using an impregnating sealer to slow down the process of soiling and mould contamination. Once all this restoration was complete all area’s of silicone were replaced. As can bee seen from the photograph, ‘like new’, as our customer commented!