Our Warwickshire tile cleaning service was called upon to restore a bathroom. As can be seen by the first two photographs, the shower area was in need of some TLC, these types of jobs are always a challenge, but a challenge is what Tile & Stone Medic were prepared to accept!

Firstly the walls and doors were cleaned down using an acidic based cleaner, the water is quite hard in this area and therefore we needed something that would successfully remove lime scale, this was then rinsed with freshwater.

The seals were removed from the glass doors and cleaned and then replaced. All door hinges were also cleaned together with the shower furniture. Once all this was cleaned the mould contaminated silicone was removed, the areas cleaned and then treated with a mould away treatment to ensure all spores were eradicated. This was left to dwell for 20 minutes, then rinsed and removed and left to dry.

The silicone was then replaced and the shower was ready to use in 24 hours!