The customer’s slate floor in Lancashire needed our restoration service. When we arrived it was inconsistent in colour across the kitchen. Some had floor polish on and some had not and therefore some tiles still looked a rich dark grey/black and some a very flat light grey. Also in the utility area where the floor was subject to more damp conditions, because of washing machines and tumble driers there was a significant amount of efflorescence (mineral deposits) on the surface of the stone.

Tile & Stone Medic used a stripper to start with, to remove the residues of old polish from the floor. Once this was all removed, a phosphoric acid was mopped onto the floor as a cleaner and left to dwell for 5 minutes. Phosphoric acid is great for breaking down efflorescence & lime scales etc a it will not damage stainless steal. Also it is a lot safer to use than hydrochloric acid as it does not burn or have dangerous vapours. The floor was agitated with a rotary machine with a medium nylon brush attached. The floor was the fully rinsed using our freshwater extraction system.

Once the floor was dried, it was sealed and three coats of our ‘Floormatte’ acrylic polymer resilient satin finish applied.