During cleaning process

Travertine Kitchen Floor Cleaning, Sealing & Polishing. Mr Baron, Whetstone, Leicester, Leicestershire 12th December 2013.

‘We had a company come in before to do the floor, they cleaned it ok, but I said that I wanted a polished finish. They left it dull and patchy and it looked horrendous in the sunlight. We found Tile & Stone Medic on the internet, they were very prompt in coming out to us. They did exactly what I asked and polished the floor until it was the finish I wanted’

Tile & Stone Medics Overview

The company previously had just left an impregnating sealer on the floor and that is why it dried so patchy, as the floor had different levels of porosity. We stripped the old sealer off, closed up the pores in the stone surface and applied 5 coats of topical high shine polish to achieve the customers needs.