minton cleaned

This customer had the floor cleaned a polished over 10 years ago and since they were decorating the house, they decided they would like the floor stripped of the old polish, cleaned, sealed and polished again, there were also a few loose tiles that they required fixing down.

The floor was treated with a heavy duty floor cleaner from Faber called FABER 30 and also a polish stripper from Faber called COTTOSOLV, mixed with the appropriate dilution of freshwater, this was mopped on in sections of approximately one square metre and left to dwell for five minutes. Once the dwell time had been achieved, some 320 grit honing powder was lightly sprinkled on the floor, this when worked in to the floor using a rotary machine and black stripping pad, creates a yoghurt like consistency when mixed with the heavy duty floor cleaner and acts more like an abrasive clean that can dig in to the tiny open pores of the tiles that are harbouring general grease and dirt. The area is then rinsed twice using freshwater extraction to ensure all dirt and honing powder is removed and the floor correctly neutralised.

The floor being very old had a various marks including some rust stains. these were treated with Faber ‘MAR GEL PLUS’ left for ten miutes, agitated and then rinsed with freshwater extraction. The same areas were then treated with Faber ‘OXIDANT’, to ensure all staining and residues were removed. The areas again were rinsed with freshwater extraction.

The floor we knew had a concrete foundation and therefore a commercial floor drier was employed for approximately two hours. If the floor had a soil or ash foundation the floor would have been left over night to dry, thus eliminating possible efflorescence problems.

Once the floor was dry, Tile & Stone Medic began to seal and polish the floor using Faber ‘HIDROFAB’, which is a specially formulated wax based seal and polish that allows the floor to breath yet protecting it from dirt and stains. Two coats of the sealer and polish were applied with an hours interval between each one. Once the floor has dried, which is approximately one hour it is then ok to walk on in socks or soft slippers. The floor can be used as normal after twenty four hours.

After care and maintenance advice were given to the customer as is always to all our customers.

If your Victorian Minton Tiled Floors require stripping, cleaning, sealing and polishing, then please call Tile & Stone Medic for a no obligation quotation.


Victorian Minton Floor before cleaned, sealed & polished.