Quarry Before

The before and after images here say it all.

It’s pretty common for people to get in touch with us when they have recently unearthed a victorian tile floor in their house. Many properties of the period, from tiny terraces to town houses and medium sized mansions can feature these elaborate floors. For all kinds of reason, these have been covered up only to be unearthed by a new owner, or just a bit of a refurb.

As you can see here, there are all kinds of issues when starting out on this kind of project. While our trained, experienced team is your best bet for making the most of this kind of discovery, we do suggest you get in touch so we can work out whats feasible. In some cases, if concrete has been used to cover the tiles, or the subfloor has shifted it can be a very laborious process to get the tiles back up to scratch. Having said that, displaying an elaborate, antique floor in all its glory is not to be sniffed at and is well worth the trouble.

Naturally, each restoration project has its own quirks but we have tried and tested methods to get you the best possible results. Firstly, we will carefully remove any covering material with minute care and attention, force must be very carefully applied to remove tough substances such as concrete without damaging the delicate tiles beneath. Once any contaminates have been meticulously removed we can turn our attention to the tiles themselves. In some cases we may need to carry out work to remove sealant or scratches to the surface. This is not to forget the grout between the tiles which is generally a softer, more porous material. If necessary we will carry out work to recolour the grout before sealing and protecting the whole floor to achieve a stunning finish and long lasting protection.