Wet Room/Bathroom/Shower Room Cleaning, Sealing & Silicone Cheltenham, Gloucester, Gloucestershire. Mrs Garland 30/01/2014

‘I didn’t want to go to the expense of a new shower room, so I searched the internet for a few idea’s. I found Tile & Stone Medic and didn’t realise there was a company that restored wet rooms, so I contacted them to see what they could they do. Well, it looks almost new now. They cleaned everything, glass screens, seals, tiles etc. I am so pleased that I found them rather than replacing.’

Tile & Stone Medic Overview

All the tiles, grout lines were cleaned first together with the furniture doors and seals. Any grout that would not clean up was taken out and replaced. Everything was treated with anti mould. The grout was sealed and then the old silicone removed and replaced.