Laminate floor cleaning Birmingham

At Tile & Stone Medic we not only clean and restore tile and natural stone floors, but also a whole spectrum of laminate floor types. We offer restoration services for all, including karndean, amtico, linoleum, marmoleum, altro-safety flooring and vinyl. If you have laminate flooring in your home or business we provide a comprehensive restoration service which removes dust, dirt and marks to rejuvenate the attractive appearance of this popular man-made flooring.

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is popular alternative to more expensive alternatives such as natural stone. Whilst natural stone is unique and long lasting, laminate is both more durable and cheaper, making it particularly popular for commercial and public buildings which need to withstand punishing amounts of wear and tear. Nevertheless, even the toughest of floors requires maintenance in order to survive and continue looking its best. Like natural stone, each type of laminate flooring, from karndean through to altro safety flooring, has it’s own specific maintenance requirements which need to be followed to extend the life of the floor. At Tile & Stone Medic our many years of experience restoring laminate flooring has given us a comprehensive knowledge of these requirements.

Cleaning laminate flooring

Identifying the type of laminate flooring in your home or business can be a bit of a challenge if you weren’t involved with the installation. Some are designed to simulate the appearance of wood or stone, whilst others offer their own unique colourful or patterned appearance. If you’re not sure what type of laminate flooring you have, simply email us over a picture or two, or describe some of the features of the flooring over the phone and we’ll do our best to identify it. We carry such a range of cleaning products and equipment that if we’re not able to identify the floor type remotely, we’ll turn up with all the appropriate solutions and identify it on site.

Should I clean my laminate flooring?

Care should always be taken to work only with an experienced cleaning company who are fully versed in the maintenance requirements of laminate flooring. Yes, laminate flooring is tough, but the wrong products can spell disaster. In particular, steam cleaning apparatus can wreak havoc on certain types of laminate, leaving behind irreparable damage. If heavy cleaning machinery is used inappropriately this can loosen laminate planks and create gaps which make it easy for dirt and dust to accumulate. This dust and dirt can then be spread into the floor and become engrained, making it near impossible to remove by hand. This difficult to remove soiling is one of the reasons why some owners decide a steam cleaner is the only option. If your laminate flooring is suffering from stubborn, engrained dirt then do not risk expensive replacement flooring costs, simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Laminate floor sealing

Many laminate floor types offer a shiny attractive finish, the kind that would take considerable time and effort to achieve with a natural hard floor. A common complaint is that, over time, this shine wears away and laminate flooring becomes dull. This is an unavoidable process and is simply the result of natural wear and tear. The good news is that at Tile & Stone Medic we can restore this shine as part of our laminate flooring restoration process. Not only will our polishing and sealing ensure the floor looks great when we’re done, in many cases it can protect the floor from future wear and tear and extend its lifespan considerably. We are also happy to offer advice on the best way to maintain the finish of your freshly cleaned floor.

If you need a hand protecting or maintaining your laminate flooring then save yourself time and money by working with an expert. With years of professional experience behind us, we are confident we deliver one of the best refurbishment and restoration services available today. What’s more, we offer nationwide services, so wherever you are, reach out to the team today, we know you’ll be delighted with the results.


As part of our floor refurbishment services we can carry out small repairs to floors. This can include securing small areas of laminate flooring. If the damage is more serious you may be better having the floor repaired before arranging cleaning. If you’d like to provide some images we would be happy to advise over email.

We always use specifically formulated cleaning solutions made for the types of floor we are working on. By doing this, we avoid the risk of discolouring or damaging laminate floor whilst cleaning it.

Our expertise extends to all types of floor cleaning – including laminate. Whilst we can’t promise to remove all stains completely, in the vast majority of cases we are able to do so.