Sandstone floor cleaning Birmingham

Sandstone is a unique flooring material which imparts a warm, rustic aesthetic onto any indoor or outdoor space. Sandstone is made from highly compressed sand, which in turn is made from many different fragments of rock including quartz and feldspar. Sandstone floor tiles come in several different shades of brown, red, yellow and cream, each requiring slightly different maintenance techniques to make the most of their unique colours. Tile & Stone Medic Birmingham provide professional restoration services for all types of sandstone tile and our services work just as well on indoor and outdoor stone too, so whatever your situation we’re here to help make your sandstone floor look fantastic.

How we clean sandstone tile floors

Each type of floor we work on has its own quirks. Depending on the source of the stone and the type of wear the floor tiles have had to withstand, our cleaning methods and solutions are tailored for optimum results. Broadly speaking our workflow for restoring sandstone tiles follows a few key steps. Initially we must tackle any surface dirt, if any deeper cleaning is to be successfully this troublesome top soil must be removed completely. With the top soil gone we then apply specialist cleaning solutions which are allowed to dwell on the tiles in order to loosen the more engrained dirt that has worked itself deeper into the stone. After the solutions have done their work on the floor, the tiles are then fully washed and the floor neutralised to remove all traces of the cleaning solution. At this point we can treat minor damage like small chips and cracks to the tile that would prevent polishing or sealing. Only when the sandstone has been cleaned and repaired can we then polish and seal the floor. This part of the process can be tailored to your preference, we can take sandstone tiles to a matt finish, or a high sheen and then apply specialist sealant to enhance this appearance even further. Tile & Stone Medic Birmingham have worked on hundreds of tiled floors in all kinds of conditions, if you’d like to take a look at the quality of our previous work please see our testimonials page.

Maintaining sandstone floors

The final stage of the process, applying the sealant, is especially important with sandstone as it is a highly porous rock. If untreated, it can be permanently discoloured or damaged by spills. Maintaining the seal on your sandstone floor is essential to ensure it stays looking great for as long as possible. The sealant will naturally break down over time as the floor is used, so best practise is to reapply this seal at least once a year to keep the sandstone tiles protected. We would advise caution when using off the shelf cleaning solutions on sandstone floors as chemicals with the wrong formulation can do serious damage to the tile. If in doubt, ask our cleaning technicians for some tips.

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Yes – we use a range of specialised sealers which can be used to create shiny and glossy finishes on sandstone.

Because of the way sandstone is formed, it is more vulnerable to cracks and flakes than other types of hard floor. We can make small repairs when refurbishing floors and would be happy to help with any spots you are concerned about.

Yes – our cleaning solutions and equipment works wonders on outdoor sandstone, we’d be happy to clean your sandstone patio, driveway or ornaments.