Ceramic is a popular, attractive tile which sees use in many areas of the home. As a comparatively cheap and rugged tile, its popularity is easy to understand. Ceramic tiles come in a number of different shapes and forms, but generally ceramic tiles are all made from combinations of sand clay and other similar natural elements. The tiles are formed by firming this mixture in a kiln, which makes for a tough, but somewhat brittle, tile.

To finish, ceramic floor tiles are often glazed. Whilst glazing isn’t absolutely necessary, it helps to protect the tiles from moisture damage and surface scratches. Ceramic tiles are porous, so regular maintenance is essential to protect them from staining and other types of moisture damage. Tile & Stone Medic provide the full range of ceramic tile floor services, from simple surface maintenance to deep cleaning, polishing, full restoration and resealing.

Common issues with ceramic tiles

General wear and tear is unavoidable with all types of flooring, and ceramic tiles are no exception. Over time, dust will scratch and mark the top of the tiles, gradually working its way through the glaze and, if left, eventually scratching the tiles themselves.

If inappropriate cleaning chemicals are used, this can make the damage worse because some liquids can eat away at the sealant or glaze and leave the tiles vulnerable to further damage. The most likely outcome is that the tiles will simply become dull with time, as dust gradually wears away at the surface shine of the tile.

Tile & Stone Medic take care of all of these issues and have been doing so for over 15 years, so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands when you work with us for your ceramic tile restoration.

Types of ceramic tile

Different types of ceramic tile tend to take their name from their design or finish rather than variations in their construction. Most frequently, we service Victorian Minton ceramic tiles. This style of patterned ceramic tile was popular in the Victorian period and can often be found in period homes, usually somewhat the worse for wear after many years of use.

Restoring Victorian Minton ceramic tiles is one of our most popular services, and you can see plenty of examples of the results we’ve been able to achieve on our testimonials page.

Variations of ceramic tiles & additional cleaning

Ceramic tiling can be used in many different areas of the home, but often it is found in kitchens and bathrooms. Ceramic tiles can even be used for walls. Whilst our speciality is floor care, we happily provide the same high level cleaning service for ceramic wall tiles as for tiled floors.

Since ceramic tiles are generally secured by grout, cleaning and maintaining the grout lines can be just as important as maintaining the tiles. Fortunately, grout cleaning is another service we provide, so if you’d like us to take a look at tidying up your grouting whilst we’re working on your ceramic tiles simply mention this when you get in touch.

How we clean ceramic tile flooring

No two floors are the same, but generally our cleaning follows a similar course, depending on the condition of the floor.

  • Initially we take care of removing surface dirt, before using specially formulated solutions to clean deeper into the tile.
  • After the solutions have been left to dwell, they are thoroughly rinsed off in preparation for polishing and any minor repairs which are required.
  • With the polishing complete and the floor cleaned, we then seal the ceramic tiles with a high quality sealant to protect them from moisture.
  • All in all the process can be completed in a day, depending of course on the area of the tiled floor.

If your ceramic floor is in need of some care, Tile & Stone Medic are here to help. With over 15 years of experience cleaning and restoring ceramic tiles you’d be hard pressed to find anyone more qualified, just take a look at our numerous 5 star reviews if you need any reassurance. Get in touch today to make a booking.


Yes we can, securing loose tiles is a simple job for a professional and we’d be happy to help

Absolutely, we stock a range of high quality sealers which we can use to make your tiles shine like new.

In many cases yes, it’s one of our specialities. We’ll need to take a look at the amount of staining to make a proper assessment.

In many cases we can, although it depends on the type of tile and how serious the damage is. Let us take us a look at your floor and we’ll make an assessment.