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At Tile & Stone Medic we carry out restoration work on a huge number of natural stone and man-made floors. We see these floors in many different settings, from stately manors and diplomatic embassies, right through to small offices and family homes. One of the most common man-made floor types we encounter is Marmoleum. Marmoleum sits within the linoleum family of synthetic floors, offering many of the same advantages including a hardwearing, stain-resistant finish that can be polished to an attractive shine.

Cleaning marmoleum flooring

One of the reasons for the popularity of marmoleum is that it is an extremely environmentally friendly floor type. None of the ingredients of marmoleum contain volatile organic compounds (VCOs), chemicals know to be damaging to the environment. The ingredients that go into marmoleum are also highly sustainable, making marmoleum the ideal flooring solution for an eco-friendly household or office. It’s also great value and available in an almost infinite variety of shapes and colours, it can even be used on counter tops as well as for flooring, making it a popular choice for restaurants and eateries.

Professional marmoleum restoration

Marmoleum flooring was designed to be highly durable so it could last for many years. In order to keep it looking and performing its best however it is advisable to have it serviced every now and then. Something we always advise our customers to avoid when maintaining a marmoleum floor is the use of aggressive cleaning chemicals. Highly alkaline solutions in particular can be too abrasive for marmoleum and will wear away at its surface. If you’ve got a stain or scuff that’s irritating you don’t immediately go for the toughest chemical you can find. In fact, we advise all of our customers to proceed with caution with all off-the-shelf cleaning products, they often promise to deliver big results but are rarely formulated properly for the floors types they claim to be suited to. Instead, many rely on aggressive and poisonous compounds to do their work. If in doubt, use the mildest solution you can and if it doesn’t make the difference you were hoping for then speak to a professional.

When does marmoleum need cleaning?

If your marmoleum flooring has darkened in appearance it could be due to engrained dirt. Where any floor is exposed to regular foot traffic this will eventually happen, it’s natural wear and tear. Dirt, transported on footwear, is trodden onto the surface of the floor. With repeated footfall this dirt creates microscopic grooves in the surface of the floor which provide a great surface for the dirt to bond to. Once engrained, the dirt will no longer be removed by dry sweeping or vacuuming. The most effective way to tackle engrained dirt is with professional cleaning equipment. Our equipment cleans much deeper into the surface of the flooring than consumer grade gear, agitating and loosening the dirt without scratching and wearing at the floor. This dirt can then simply be washed away, restoring the colour and vibrancy of the marmoleum.

Marmoleum floor sealing

Another common complaint is that marmoleum flooring has lost its shine. This can sometimes be due to engrained dirt, but is more often simply a consequence of time. When marmoleum is new it comes with a shielding surface layer which reflects light and protects the floor. Over time, with repeated footfall, paw prints, moving of furniture and other general day-to-day usages, this protective layer will get worn down. In order to keep your marmoleum floor looking great we’d recommend a professional polish to restore this shine.

If you need a hand restoring or maintaining your marmoleum floor then give the team at Tile & Stone Medic a call today. We’d be delighted to lend a hand helping you get the most from this attractive and environmentally-friendly floor type.


Marmoleum Floor Cleaning

Yes. Our specialist cleaning solutions can restore the colour of dull or faded marmoleum floors.

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Our speciality is in cleaning and restoring floors, if your marmoleum is bubbling you may need a specialist to refit it.

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We do carry out small repairs to floors whilst we’re cleaning them, but to say for certain if we can help we would need to take a look at the damage, please send over a picture and we’ll let you know what we can do to help.

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