Limestone floor cleaning

Limestone is a fantastic natural stone which makes for some of the most impressive floors around. It is also one of the hardest natural stone surfaces to maintain, regular maintenance is essential to prevent costly repairs in the long term.

Common problems with limestone

  • Limestone is an especially soft rock, which makes it vulnerable to flaking, chips and cracking under impact. Even heavy footfall can damage the surface if it is not correctly treated.
  • Limestone is also highly porous and especially vulnerable to spills of household acids like fruit juices and sauces. Look out for unevenness on the surface of the stone or loose flakes, these are sure signs that your limestone needs servicing immediately.
  • Beware of using DIY solutions and home cleaning products such as tile and bathroom cleaners on limestone. It is a particularly sensitive rock and is very easy to damage with the wrong products.

If in doubt, we would always recommend working with a professional. At Tile & Stone Medic we have been restoring limestone floors for years and would be happy to advise on the most cost effective maintenance options so you get the most value from your clean.

Sealant is essential to protect the stone from the damaging effects of moisture and to fend off dirt and dust from becoming embedded it its surface. If you have noticed debris clinging to the surface of your limestone floor, chances are the seal is beginning to fail. Get in touch with a technician as soon as possible to refresh the seal and bring a professional sheen back.

How we maintain limestone flooring

With years of experience informing our decisions, we are able to restore limestone flooring safely and efficiently.

  • Light surface buffing and polishing, either with our rotary cleaners or by hand, will drastically reduce the impact of scratches and staining on the surface of the rock.
  • We work quickly but carefully, always removing dirt and grease without damaging the visible surface of the limestone. All chemicals and solutions we use are entirely safe for use in the home and are specially selected for their ability to clean limestone without damage.
  • Any residues left behind will be fully neutralised before work is completed. Much the same as with our cleaning solutions, the sealer we use will be specifically selected for outstanding results.

Limestone cannot support the same sort of high sheen finish as marble or graphite, but we can offer various levels of sheen by carefully selecting the right sealer. If you have a particular finish you would like to achieve please don’t hesitate to discuss it with us.

Will repairing my limestone floor cause disruption?

Although limestone floor might seem like a challenge to maintain, we’re able to do it with a minimum of fuss and disruption to your environment. We work safely and without large or noisy machines. Our engineers are punctual and polite and will do their utmost to accommodate any special requirements you may have.

Our aim is to leave you home or business in as good or better condition than when we found it, laying down protective sheeting where necessary and cleaning up and soiling caused by the cleaning process.

If you think your limestone floor could benefit from our restoration service we’d be happy to discuss your options. Get in touch today for a free, no obligation quote.

FAQs: Limestone Cleaning

Limestone Floor Cleaning

We do carry out minor repairs whilst refurbishing floors. As a softer rock, limestone is particularly vulnerable to chips and flakes. Generally, we are able to deal with this as part of a refurbishment. For more info please send over some pictures of the floor and we’ll advise on how we can help.

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Our specially formulated cleaning solutions are far more effective at removing stubborn dirt from limestone floors than general off-the-shelf products. You will be amazed at the difference we can make to a dirty limestone floor.

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Yes. Our specially formulated limestone sealers are perfect for protecting limestone floors from moisture damage. Do make sure to wipe up all spills quickly to protect the integrity of the seal and keep your limestone floor stay looking great for longer.

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