Before cleaning Amtico

This customer wanted an Amtico floor cleaning service in Birmingham. The floor had been down for a number of years and were beginning to look tired and flat and also more difficult to keep clean.

The first stage of the process was to mop diluted floor stripper onto the floor to help remove any older seal or floor polish residue and some heavy duty floor cleaner to remove any soiling and grease deposits etc, this was left to dwell for 5 minutes. The treated area was then agitated using a scrubber rotary machine with a black pad and then rinsed using freshwater extraction, this not only removes all of the deposits, it also brings the floor to a neutral Ph, which is very important for the next step. This process was carried out in 2 square metre sections across the whole of the Amtico floor area and then dried using our powerful floor drier.

Once the whole of the floor was dried the next process was to seal and polish the floor, or most commonly described as ‘dressing’ the floor. Two coats of ‘Pioneer Eclipse First Steep Sealer’ were applied to the floor using appropriate pads and left to dry for 30-40 minutes between coats. First Step Sealer leaves a slight finish, but is chemically designed to create a key layer between the Amtico floor and the final polished finish, thus making the finish resilient and hard wearing. Two coats of ‘Pioneer Eclipse Floor Matte’ was applied to the floor and again left for 30-40 minutes between coats. Floor Matte leaves a classy looking satin finish to the floor that’s not to shiny and also aids in bringing out and highlighting the colours and textures of the floor.

The floor is then ready to be walked on after approximately 1 hour, but strictly only in socks or soft slippers. The floor takes 24 hours to cure and can then be treated as usual. Aftercare and maintenance plans are essential to keep your floors looking like new and this information is always given by our experienced technicians, once the work has been completed.

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