Slate kitchen floor before cleaning

Slate kitchen floor for Mr Ralston, Knypersley, Staffordshire.

This customer had been renovating his property for some time and the kitchen floor was the last job on his list to be done, so he called us in, first job was to apply a stong cleaning solution mixed with a stripper to remove all soiling, ingrained dirt, old sealer and paint, this was allowed to dwell for about 15 mins, then scrubbed using a heavy rotary machine using brushes and stripping pads. The grout lines, edges, corners and some stubborn paint were cleaned by hand.

The floor was then hot water extraction rinsed using our van mounted system which means all dirty water, slurry, contaminates and odours are safely removed to a waste tank in our van.

We then fan dryed the floor and when dry applied 5 coats of sealer to leave a nice satin finish.